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Frequently Asked Questions (and you should ask them!)

If you are any reason you still have doubts or queries, please don’t hesitate to call us on +91.97909 42274 or write to contact@thefirstbazaar.com

Why is my user ID and password automatically created? 2015-05-09T03:49:31+00:00

We know you want to focus on the shopping and not so much on the side processes. To save time, we are automatically creating your ID and password and sending the same to your mail. So the next time all that you have to do is login with that details.

You can change your password but not your ID.

What are the Pricing Components? 2015-05-23T06:15:26+00:00

The price is inclusive of all taxes. Since our aim is to keep the prices the lowest, our pricing is transparent. Hence you will see the shipping and payment gateway charges separately, because we do not intend to profit from that. The shipping charge that you see is actually what costs us and so is the payment gateway charges. Currently the payment gateway charges are 2.9% (if you use the online payment facility). If you use Direct Bank Transfer there is no charge.

How do I modify my order? 2015-05-08T10:44:16+00:00

If you want to modify your order before shipping, simply cancel the order and place a fresh order. The payments and refunds will happen simultaneously (subject to the conditions stated in refund FAQ).

If you want to modify your order after shipping, it will be governed by the return policy.

I just cancelled my order. When will I receive my refund? 2015-05-08T13:38:42+00:00

For payments made using a Credit Card, Debit Card, or Net Banking, it will take 15-20 working days to process the refund. You will be intimated via email on the status.

If you have made a payment through Direct Bank Transfer and would like a refund to your bank account, please get in touch with our customer support team.

Can I modify the shipping address of my order after it has been placed? 2015-05-08T10:39:41+00:00

Yes. You can modify the shipping address of your order before we have processed (shipped) it, by contacting our customer support team at +91-97909 42274.

What is your Cancellation Policy? 2015-05-10T07:47:10+00:00

You can cancel an order until it has been processed in our warehouse by calling us at +91.9790942274. This includes items purchased on sale. Any amount you paid will be refunded to you through the payment option you had selected.

Where should I ship the return? 2015-05-08T10:36:05+00:00

Please ship the return to:

The First Bazaar
Cerebratum Consulting
Plot No. 12, Customs & Excise Colony
Chennai 600096.

How long will it take to receive a refund? 2015-05-08T13:44:37+00:00

We take 3 business days to initiate a NEFT transfer or 15 to 20 business days if it is an online refund after the returned item has reached us. Therefore the refund time really depends on the time it takes the courier company to deliver the packet to the returns processing facility.

In case it is beyond the above, please send us a screenshot of your bank statement from the day the order was placed and we will expedite the refund. (NEFT – 3 Business days. Online Refund 15-20 Business days once the request is processed)

Can I do a partial return or exchange? 2015-05-08T10:28:05+00:00

Yes you can do a partial return or exchange provided it satisfies the condition for exchange / return.

How do I return or exchange a product? 2015-05-08T10:26:57+00:00

Currently it is very simple. Please contact us through the number given in the top navigation bar or write to us at contact@thefirstbazaar.com with the subject line as “Return / Exchange – Order ID”. We will get in touch with you and give further instructions.

What is TFB’s 7 Day Return Policy? 2015-05-08T13:59:51+00:00

TFB’s 7 day returns and exchange policy gives you an option to return or exchange items purchased on thefirstbazaar.com for reasons cited in the other FAQ within 7 days of receipt of the item. We only ask that you don’t use the product and preserve its original condition, tags, and packaging. You are welcome to try on a product but please take adequate measure to preserve its condition

You can ship an item back to us. Once we receive your return, we will do a quality check of the product at our end and if the product passes our quality check we will credit the amount you paid for the products into your account. If you wish to receive a refund instead, please send an email with the details from your registered email address to contact@thefirstbazaar.com. If the picked up product does not pass the quality check we shall return it back to you.

What is TFB’s Returns, Exchange & Refund policy? 2015-05-08T10:19:42+00:00

TFB Return, Exchange & Refund Policy offers you the option to return or exchange items purchased on thefirstbazaar.com within 7 days of receipt. Only the following conditions are accepted for Exchange or Return:

  • The product delivered is NOT the same product you ordered in terms of description, size or material
  • The product is damaged – while we lay a very high emphasis on checking before despatch it may sometimes happen

We are not so flexible on our return / exchange policy as we are operating under very thin margins – again to bring products to you that are the lowest cost in the market. This leaves no room for overheads and therefore we hope that your decision to buy a product is taken after due consideration. Having said that we maintain the highest quality and standard and you will have no complaint on that front.

On return of a product, we can exchange the product provided the new product is in stock or arrange for a cancellation and thereafter refund.

Do you offer Cash On Delivery option? 2015-05-08T10:47:16+00:00

At the moment we do not have the Cash On Delivery (COD) option. We will intimate you as soon as we start the same.

How do I check the refunds status for my return? 2015-05-08T14:24:38+00:00

You will recieve intimations through email on the ID you used to register with us on the status of the refund.

My payment failed while making a purchase. What should I do? 2015-05-08T10:47:22+00:00

Please retry making the payment after ensuring that the information entered is accurate, including all account details, billing addresses and passwords. If your payment still fails, please try the Direct Bank Transfer option.

If your payment is debited from your account after a payment failure, it will be credited back within 7-10 business days, after we receive a confirmation from the bank.

Can I cancel an order after it is shipped? 2015-05-08T10:07:01+00:00

We are sorry. You cannot cancel an order after it is shipped. For returns / refunds please refer to the FAQs on returns and refunds.

Why do I need to create an account with PayU Money? 2015-05-08T10:47:29+00:00

Our online payment gateway provider is PayU Money. PayU Money is a site independent provider. You need to register only once with PayU and thereafter any ecommerce site that you visit that has PayU Money has an option, you can use the same ID. The reason we went for this kind of gateway is that to give the confidence to our customers that no part of their payment details is stored with TFB and hence their shopping is very secure.

What payment types do you accept? 2016-11-04T08:13:36+00:00

We accept two payment types:

  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Online Payments through PayU Money

For Direct Bank Transfer you will be given the details of the bank to transfer to in your checkout page.

NOTE: Online Payments are through PayU Money. We are paid only after you confirm to PayU that you have received your product. Hence please do remember to click on the release payment button in the mail that you will receive in your registered mail ID after you have received your product.

What is the return / refund policy? 2015-05-08T10:01:04+00:00

You can find the detailed return / refund policy here.

Where can I see my order? 2015-05-08T09:59:15+00:00

To check your order status, please click on the My Account link on the top right navigation. You can there from here too.

Can you deliver faster? 2015-05-08T09:57:39+00:00

At this moment we do not have express delivery options. But we soon plan to offer the same!

Do you deliver outside India? 2015-05-08T09:56:29+00:00

We are sorry. At this point we do not deliver outside India. However you could call us for a customized solution and we will see what is the best that can be done (but no guarantees).

How are the orders delivered to me? 2015-05-08T09:53:12+00:00

TFB delivers products through various logistics partners depending on the delivery address and source address. Products are sent through Air / Road and are dependent on the objective of “fastest reach”.

How long does it take for an order to be delivered? 2015-05-08T09:51:18+00:00

For all in stock items, the delivery will happen within a maximum 8 working days. For items that are not in stock or went out of stock due to concurrent purchases, we will contact you and inform you of the estimated time. On your approval, we will process the order or cancel the same.

Do you deliver anywhere in India? 2015-05-08T09:48:29+00:00

While it is our sincere attempt to deliver anywhere in India, we are constrained by the reach of our logistics partners. Post your order, we will revert to you within 2 working days in case the order is not deliverable due to reach. You can then give us an alternative address or you can cancel the order.

How do I check the status of my order? 2015-05-08T09:45:20+00:00

You can check the status of your order at any time at My Account. This page also has a courier tracking number that can be used to track the status of the order at our courier partner’s website (depending on if our logistics partners have a tracking module). It may take up to 24 hours for the order status to be updated on our courier partner’s website. Some orders may not have courier tracking either due to the facility not being available with our partners or due to the fact of manual updates.