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How often have you wondered if the price you are paying is only for the product or for all the overheads that go into it to sell the product to you?

It is a truth. The more you spend on marketing or selling a product, the more you will have to price it. There may be buyers and there will be buyers. But is true justice done to customers? Both the seller and the customer know it but can’t help it. The seller cannot genuinely reduce prices and the customer truly wants products. But is there a way where customers can get products at it’s right price – a price that is determined only by the raw material used and the labour taken?

Every city / town / village has an area that sells products at the prices we are talking about. But how easy it is to access them?

Let’s face it. We want the best of all worlds. We want products at its bare minimum price and we want to have a good experience while buying it. While retail outlets will give you the experience but not the price, cramped markets will give you the price but not the experience. Is there a way where both can come together?

Either the price is not right. Or the outlet is not right. Or the timing is not right! How do I get the latest trending products?

Ok. We have somehow managed to locate that one place somewhere in this corner of the world that seems right for the experience or price. But it does not have the latest trends! In fact it is able to give products at low prices due to the fact that they are old stocks. Is there no end to this list of compromises that you have to make?

Millions of products to choose from! Is it good or actually bad? How do I get what is relevant and useful to me?

Of what use is going through millions of products (provided you are going through them) if there is nothing of interest to you. Typically it is estimated that people buy 1 from a choice of 25 products (good ones). It is the quality that matters and not the quantity.

Enter The First Bazaar (TFB)

Our promise is very simple but the most wanted – Just Shopping. No Frills. We are not going to offered frenzied flash sales or promotion dhamakas or any such thing. For the simple reason – that you cannot find the prices that we offer anywhere else (for the quality and service that we undertake to give it you). We are cottage industry consolidator and our only aim is to connect manufacturers and buyers on the platform of Right Quality, Right Price.

You are not paying for the overheads. You are not paying for old products. You are not paying for the promotions. YOU ARE ONLY PAYING FOR THE PRODUCT!

So what’s the catch? Nothing. Just a little more (actually very little) effort from your side. We have a simple payment gateway. For using the gateway you just pay their charges. We ship through logistics providers that are dependable but cannot rush to you the same day. For keeping the concept of ‘Fresh Products’ actually relevant, our return policy is only for 7 days and that too on certain conditions. This is because we believe that the products we sell will not have an ‘impulse’ mode but be bought because of your regular needs.

Don’t believe this. Start Shopping! to start the experience!